Saturday, July 23, 2005

Separation Anxiety, aka A Knitting Flurry

My husband, a proud member of the United States Naval Reserve (after 12 years of active duty service on the nuclear submarine force) is in Seattle for the next two weeks. At least my brother, also ex-Navy, is there so he has some tie to home, but in the meantime I have an 18 month old little Bug boy who is completely mystified as to where his Daddy went. I know it will go by fast, but it doesn't seem like it at the moment, you know? I am the Second Wife, so I am not used to the separations. [First Wife had to endure those...perhaps that is why she is First Wife, aka Inferior Wife, for those of you who can relate!].

Anyways...A is gone and I have just about five weeks left until school begins again, so bring on the Christmas gift knitting. Last year, it was all garter stitch scarves all the time, because I was new at this sticks and yarn business. This year...well, scarves are still on the top of my list because they are fast and I don't have a lot of time to devote to each of my loved ones unfortunately. So far, I have finished a gorgeous Irish Hiking Scarf in a pretty sage green and a garter stitch scarf in Berroco Softy in the Purple Passion colorway (garter stitch is really the only stitch for that yarn, you can't see anything else well). Today I started a Feather and Fan pattern scarf in TLC Cara Mia yarn that is the color of this text. I tell you, that yarn is CHEAP, but I love it. It feels great (nylon, rayon and angora blend) and it has terrific stitch definition. It is a little bit splitty, so if that bugs you, don't try it. I made the wee Bug a sweater out of it last winter. Can you say--machine washable?

I also started a plain garter stitch scarf out of Moda Dea Dream yarn in Lavender. I think it will be for my sister McKenzie, and I will do some ribbon embroidery of flowers and vines on the ends when it is finished. Very girly! I was at A C Moore to buy needles and saw some new Bernat yarn called Satin. It was also inexpensive (can you see the poor-teacher-not-getting-paid-this-summer-break theme here??) but it has a lovely sheen to it. I bought the colorway Banana and it wants to be made into a basketweave scarf. There are some balls of Lana Grossa ribbon yarn in a metallicy green and purple blend in my bag too, that have resided there since my splurge at Saratoga Needle Arts on New Year's Eve. Perhaps a dressy elongated stitch scarf for my lovely MIL? I think so! And the balls of red and purple twisty Damasco yarn by Katia that was in the clearance bin? That one is a puzzler...I think it would look good stranded with another yarn, but I cannot decide whether to strand it with red or purple. Don't you just love red and purple together? Almost as yummy as pink and green, really...

Oh, and I have to finish the white Bernat Softee baby sweater for my friend Erin who is due in November. The pattern is from Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss. The jacket with seed stitch bands. If it turns out well, I may make another for another friend. Then there is the cabled hat I want to make, and the jester hat for A, and a scarf for Boy #1, and maybe mittens for Boy #2 and the Bug. And I want to try socks...

Well, while the hubby is away, the needles will be flying! Oh, and I don't have to share the remote or the TiVo!


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