Monday, July 25, 2005

Stress Knitting

Okay, time for confession...yesterday, I didn't do any writing at all. Not one solitary word. I sat on the couch all day, doing some serious stress knitting.

Let me explain. My husband just got to Seattle on Saturday for his two weeks of Navy Reserve time. He was supposed to be there yesterday morning for his first day at 7 am their time and complete some training that they had told him would take about 6 hours. He was not able to take his cell phone on base with him, because it is a picture phone and they don't allow them for security reasons. (He is working on nuclear submarines in the shipyard there). So he told me he would call me when he was done, which we figured would be about 1 pm his time (4 pm our time here in NY). He didn't call and he didn't call and he didn't call--and I didn't have a contact number for him out there, so I couldn't call either. Finally, he called me at almost 9:30 pm my time. Apparently they had 12 hours of training instead of the six they were supposed to. He was pissed, and so was I. I mean, I was worried. I'm not used to this Navy wife bit, so when he said he'd call, I was expecting him to call. Well, now I know...sometimes he just can't. He was very tired and cranky and annoyed and so our conversation was tense and stressed and not very enjoyable.

Needless to say since it was his first work day out there, I couldn't concentrate all day, wondering how it was going for him, when he'd call, I started knitting after errands, housework, and lunch. The good news is that I doubled the size of the Feather and Fan scarf...I'd say it is almost halfway done. It is turning out really pretty. I love the color and I tell you, it knits up pretty quick. Although I did have to do a fair bit of frogging yesterday because I couldn't concentrate and then I'd realize that I had missed a row in the pattern or something and have to go back and tear it all out to the end of the last repeat and then start again. I will post a picture of its progress as soon as Alan gets home with the digital camera. I did post a picture of the Irish Hiking Scarf that I bound off last weekend. Oh, and pictures of my boys...

The Bug discovered the supreme joy of messing with Mommy's knitting bag yesterday while I was out of the room for just one second...luckily, he just unraveled a ball of yarn, no needles were involved. But, still...Mommy, be more careful will you please?


Today there will be writing. There must be, or else I will start to believe the inner voice which whispers that I am kidding myself that I can write a book good enough to get published.

Man, I hate that voice.

But, then...knitting and maybe even a glass of wine to go with it. Ah, heaven.


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