Monday, March 05, 2007

Breathing Room

We just got back from Patrick's appointment with the nephrologist. She was optimistic about his progress on the horrid steroid therapy, and doesn't need to do a biopsy at this moment. She is going to continue on with the steroid therapy (in a mildly reduced, although still ridiculous dosage) for another six weeks and see what happens. If he can stay negative for those six weeks that will be wonderful and that will most likely mean he has the better (I use the term loosely) type of the nephrotic syndrome. If he goes positive again, then that is bad for us. But she doesn't expect that to happen.

So, I can maybe breathe a little easier for the next six weeks, and after that? Maybe not worry so much. That would be lovely.

And of course, this means that our much needed trip to Las Vegas is not compromised in any way. Ahhh....

Anyways...lack of posting completely blamed on the abundance of stress around these parts the past few weeks. The past week, in particular, was extra stressful. But, when Jaimi has stress, Jaimi does knit.

Rusted Root progress
I'm about halfway done with the body, and then just have to pick up stitches on the neckline, and finish the sleeves. The pattern calls for those and the bottom hemline to be done in 2x1 rib, but I am considering only doing the ribbing on the neck and sleeves and letting the hemline roll.

A close up of the lace detail...

This is clapotis, of course. I have accepted the fact that I may not get it done in time for Vegas. I'll still try, but I don't know...I am not good at having more than one project going at once!


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