Friday, January 02, 2009

All is Revealed...

And hopefully Amy will not look on Le Blog until after her baby shower tomorrow!    If you are, in fact, Amy...look away.

It is the Hemlock Ring Blanket from Brooklyntweed.
Details on my Ravelry Page.

Knitting Projects for 2009:
  • finish Elizabeth Bennet Cardigan (just sleeves to go, but the love affair is over)--soon!
  • finish second Monkey sock for me--
  • finish Back to School U-Neck vest for me
  • make baby blanket for Colleen--I have until the end of May
  • mittens and hat for Campbell Joe--cast on soon, maybe this weekend
  • February Lady sweater--start February 1st...finish by end of month?
  • Lily from Twist Collective--choose yarn
  • Socks for Alan for Fall 2009
  • Clapotis for Helene?
Wow...that seems like a lot.

Let me sleep on this list.  I may need to tweak it a bit.

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