Tuesday, April 29, 2008


New Blog Name (Same Blog Channel)

I was getting bored with the old title and inspired today by Cari's post...I decided to practice what I was preaching.  I wanted a title that more closely matched why I knit...specifically to relax and save my fragile mental health!

New Project
I am still working on the vest from Fitted Knits, but I have been having a wicked sock craving.  I haven't made any for almost two years!!  How is that possible?  The last ones I made were for Amy, and I have never made any for myself.  So, I was on Ravelry and I keep coming back to the Monkey socks.  I went diving in my huge Rubbermaid bin of stashed yarn, and found the perfect match.
This is sock yarn I bought at Rhinebeck two Sheep and Wool Festivals ago when I couldn't get near the Socks That Rock booth.  It is from Spirit Trail Fiberworks and the colors just could not be more me than this. 
The Bug helped me wind the yarn up on the umbrella swift...

So, I know it isn't wool sock weather, although there is always cool summer nights when you want a pair of cuddly socks, but I feel the need to knit socks (I've been dreaming of knitting socks at night) and so I am not going to question the urge.  That would be part of the whole sanity being saved trusting my instincts thing I've got going lately.

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