Friday, February 29, 2008

Injury Spells Disaster for Knitted Birthday Present

So, tomorrow is my BFF Colleen's 30th birthday (yes, she is much younger than me, sadly).  I started a very pretty, but simple, feather and fan scarf for her last Friday.  It is a rich mahogany brown in Patons Classic Wool from la stashola.  I got about 8 repeats done and was feeling so smug that with very little tv knitting time this week in the evenings, I would have it done lickety split.

Smugness apparently goeth before a fall.

Because I promptly tripped and fell down eight of our hardwood stairs and landed on my left elbow.  It was ridiculously swollen all this week, and now that the swelling has gone down a bit, it is really starting to hurt with sharp pains.  I showed it to the school nurse today, and to my wonderful friend Amy (thanks Amy!) and they both agree that perhaps I need to have it x-rayed as it might be broken in some way.  The school nurse used to work in orthopedics and she said she would be willing to bet it was chipped and that will result in surgery...which I am hoping will NOT be the case.  Otherwise, she says that there will be a chance that there will be calcium deposits that form and the range of motion and mobility of the elbow could be damaged.

So...I am knitting wounded.  My husband finds me ridiculous to be knitting at all, but I have exactly 24 hours until we leave for Col's party, and I am stubborn.  I figure I better get most of it done tonight in case the doctor tells me tomorrow "No Knitting!".  I am going to deliberately forget to ask him about knitting specifically and hope that my husband gets amnesia and forgets as well.

What are my chances??


Anonymous RachelH said...

Actually, if you are Type A, stubborn and reckless like myself, you'll get it finished! I did that a few years ago after a really horrible wrist sprain right before Christmas.

I'm sorry that you are hurt! ((HUGS)) also sending ***no surgery*** vibes!

10:01 AM  

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