Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And...I'm spent

(Austin Powers reference...I am a nerd).

Well...I am finished with Harry. All of him. (4,100 pages in 30 days=137 pages a day) Although to be honest, most days I read 300-400 pages and there were many days I didn't read at all.. My husband is a bit disgusted with how fast I read but once you start you cannot stop. So I didn't. It was good while it lasted...but nothing can last forever.
I have been busy besides Harry, of course. There has been knitting:

I have one sleeve completed and am started on the other on my Fitted V-Neck Sweater from Fitted Knits. This Cascade Pastaza yarn is really lovely to work with. I will use it again, I am sure.

I have also started school clothes shopping. For me--not the boys, lest you get confused. I started with shoes.

Aren't the socks a lovely addition? I am breaking them in around the house. I wore them last night out to dinner with my good friend Colleen, and they hurt, so today...socks it is. These are supposedly very hot this season, a buckled ballet flat. So, look at me...I am hip.

Also hot his Fall? Peep-toe pumps or slingbacks. I've seen a lot of these worn with opaque black tights and plaid skirts. Love them. They are actually comfortable. I may have to wear them with socks around the house just a bit to break in the toe area...but they are so cute. I love them. My dormant shoe fetish is re-emerging I am afraid.

I also bought a black pencil skirt (and am going back for one in grey, as grey is very hip as well this season), a white blouse with puffy sleeves, a black trench coat, and a couple of other shirts. Working on bringing some classy professional looks to my usually casual work attire.

My high-maintenance hair cut experience will take place on August 28. Stay tuned.

Next up in knitting? The Pea Pod Baby Set for Michelle knit in Knit Picks Swish DK in Moss and then this:

The Cobblestone Pullover from the Fall edition of Interweave Knits, in Wool of the Andes in the Arctic Pool color for Alan. He says I never make him anything...and he is right. Well, I did make him a scarf in the early months of knitting that is really more of an ascot...way too short.

So, I owe him one...and he is paying for my hair extravaganza, so...


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