Thursday, July 26, 2007

"The In-Laws are Coming! The In-Laws are Coming!"

My husband's immediate family
My mother-in-law is the lady beside me and my father-in-law is hiding in the back right, looking very uncomfortable not wearing his usual electrician's uniform of faded navy blue Dickies and matching shirt. They are coming from Ohio to see the Bug and the new house on Saturday and staying into early next week.
Let the mad cleaning begin!
I will resurface early next week, hopefully with a lot of progress on my sweater. Wish me luck, I have to spend all day Monday alone with the in-laws as it is my DH's first day at his new job.
PS: Delilah has a nasty tapeworm and some other nasty parasite called Giardia or something like that and is so sick. Poor baby.
PPS: I am through with HP#3 and on to #4...I cannot stop. It is clearly a sickness.


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