Monday, April 30, 2007

The Road to Hell

I have had every intention of blogging.

I've even sat down to do it, multiple times.

But then, Life happened and the moments passed.

Vegas was lovely. We had a great relaxing time, lounging by the pool, drinking over priced fruity drinks with umbrellas. No big-time gambling, but just enough every day to keep things interesting. The Phantom at the Venetian was very nice. All in all, a really wonderful vacation. I came back recharged.

Then I realized that there is only about one month of regular class days left in the school year, and I still have to do a poetry unit and read another novel with the Ninth graders. So, the stress is back on. Because honestly? It ain't gonna happen.

There hasn't been any knitting. Sadly. I need to knit. I can feel it.

But I am in the throes of grading 68, 8 page research paper rough drafts done by Freshmen who have never written one before. Therefore they suck.

They asked me today on average how long does each paper take me to grade. When I told them 40 minutes, they all got quiet. One brave girl said, "Wow! 40 minutes?" To which I said, "Yes, dear, but yours took me an hour and ten minutes and I had to take a break and get a glass of wine afterwards." She looked at her neighbor across the aisle and whispered, "That can't be good."



Plus, I am trying to pack for our move to the new house in three weeks or so.

Life. It gets in the way of knitting.

La Tour Eiffel de Las Vegas...pretty, yes? Someday, I will see the real thing.

The reception ceiling of the Bellagio (in case you aren't familiar, the blooms are all made of glass)

Even the sinks at Paris Las Vegas are gorgeous and fancy. I want one for myself.

The conservatory at the Bellagio.

A Ladybug from the Bellagio conservatory, it is made completely out of flowers. It smelled fantastic in there!


Anonymous Amy said...

Hey Jaimi! Glad to see ya blogging again!!

9:46 PM  
Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

YAY! I was worried about you and yours! Glad you had a good time. Now how many days do you have left of school?

Our last day with kids is May 31.

BTW, I have a new job for next year.

10:44 AM  

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