Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WTF Wednesday

Woke up this morning with no voice. Well, a whispery voice, but not a real voice. Had to go to work as I had promised a fellow teacher to read a passage from a book during her all day read-athon of the Holocaust memoir, Night by Elie Wiesel.


Whispered it with a microphone. It was very dramatic. She said it provided atmosphere.

Picked up Rusted Root to finish the ribbing on the waist, sleeves and neckline so I could wear it to work tomorrow on our Conference Day. Got it all done. I laid it down to admire it and noticed a glaring mistake. Apparently, when I had ripped back at one point to redo a small mistake, I put the stitch markers that marked the lace panel in the wrong spot by one stitch each way, resulting in a wavy panel that looked like supreme crap. Had to undo the bind off and frog at least half of the thing to get back to a point where things were still okay.

Set Rusted Root aside. Fed up for now. Will not be done for Vegas. Instead, I will see if I can crank out my Clapotis instead. If I do nothing but knit in my free evenings, and maybe stay home on Friday, I might get it done in time.

To provide a balm for my knitterly spirits and my sore throat? I bought the yarn, Cascade Cloud 9, for the Elizabeth Bennet cardigan that I was drooling over in yesterday's post.

Pink, of course.

Did you really think I wouldn't get the pink?'s all about the pink. Clearly, I need a daughter.

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Blogger Laura said...

There are so many drool-worthy patterns in that Stefanie Japel book. I like the pink yarn you chose! The clapotis is exactly the sort of knitting you need after the rusted root experience. :)

2:06 PM  

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