Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This X 8

In the past four days, I have gone from this:

Oh, this yarn is yummy. It even has a great smell. I am a freak.

To this:I know, it's just wouldn't sit still. I'm kidding. I have no idea why it's blurry, I hadn't even had a drop of the Happy Juice, I promise.

Before any of that, there was, certainly, this:

Connor wanted to help me wind up the yarn.

We also had a barbecue to attend and so I made this:

Worship at the altar of my mad Wilton Cake Decorating Class I and II skills, yo.

All the while trying not to step on this:

He could eat her in one bite. But she rules him with an iron paw.

I have been feeling left out because of the new Harry Potter book. I tried to read them years ago when they first started, but just didn't get into them. I literally felt sad about not being in on the craze this weekend. It was all the other moms talked about at the BBQ, after being shocked that I, an English teacher, had not read the things--the HORROR of it all! You would have thought I was a mutant the way they reacted. They may have, may have, referred to me as a Muggle. I was ready to throw down. Seriously.

And so, having been coerced and shamed into it, and okay, maybe since I wanted to, since Sunday, I have gone from this:

To this:

And am starting on this:

Maybe I'll catch up before I find out how it all ends? Probably not. But just in case, shhh!


Blogger pacalaga said...

Good luck with the reading. I have loved the series since I started reading them. They appeal to the part of me that wishes I was still 10 and about to embark on adventures in the Dark Forest and a castle with ghosts and hidden passageways.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Tola said...

So are you liking the books?

2:24 PM  

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