Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Heavy Heart

Not a lot of knitting has been happening.
Not a lot of blogging.
Just a lot of worry,
and sorrow.

Our cat Daisy is dying. She was only four. The vet can't figure out what is wrong with her. She has been at the animal hospital since Saturday morning in intensive care, basically being kept going by the doctor. Her body temperature is dropping, her organ systems are shutting down, and we are going to have to make The Decision tomorrow. Keep her going and hope he can figure it out (as the bill keeps getting higher and higher) or let her go.

She is on pain meds so she isn't suffering, she is out of it and doesn't even respond much to any stimuli. Our kids are suffering the most as they wait hoping against reason that she will pull through.

But the way it stands right now...I think we are going to have a $2,000 dead cat buried in our back yard come tomorrow evening. Having her put down seems to be the most humane and responsible (fiscally and emotionally) thing to do for all parties involved.

Being the responsible one, the grown-up...well, it sucks.


Anonymous lorinda said...

I'm so sorry, Jaimi. ((((hugs))))h

11:33 PM  

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