Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Bee

In my summer hiatus from the Blog, I have:

  • had a Girls' Movie Night at my house

  • finished an object

  • gone camping with the family unit

  • gotten my new Higher Maintenance Hair Style (henceforth known as the HMHS)

  • begun a new object which is kicking my ass--more on that another day, as I am really pissed at the moment at it.

First up: Movie Night

The Table Scape...

Because we are fabulous dahlings...

A Darling Greeting

My personal icon of fabulousness

The Movie of Choice

Blogless Amy guessed just based on the invitation alone. She is a sneaky, crafty girl. Not as many of girlfriends could come as I had hoped due to it being in the summer and all. Apparently, a lot of them take vacation. Who knew? But those who did come had a nice relaxing time. I hope.

At the end of the night (and two pitchers of Mimosas), they decided to take just one picture of the event.

Delilah and I in our fabulousness

Next? I did manage to finish my sweater. I hope it fits. It looks a bit small-ish.

I had a knitting epiphany while blocking it and based on reading something, somewhere (I've lost track now). I've been knitting sweaters in my bra size. This is not ideal if you want to put something underneath it.


Then, we were off on our family vacation--camping here. We are old school here at Chez Finley. We roll in a tent.

No sissy pop-ups or trailers for this family.

We had a great time, although it rained for a big chunk of the time. We did make it to the beach.

We found a salamander which we imaginatively named "Sal". I know. We spent a lot of time around the fire.Some of us spent a vast majority of the time annoying his older brothers...I'm not sure which is more amusing to me...the look of blatant disgust and annoyance on Connor's face, or the complete lack of caring, disregard and not giving a shitness on the Bug's face? It might be a draw.

Some of us knit in the dark by lantern light. My husband thought this was a bit excessive. I may have uttered the phrase "Bite me" under my breath at him. Maybe.

Me and zee Bugness.

The big joke of the weekend is that Mommy needed the Happy Juice (see the pink cup?) so that we could all have a good time. The Captain. He is my lover. I'm only sad that, after the long weekend, our affair is almost over. (Good thing I can pick him up anytime I want to, eh?).

Notice also my hair, if you would. This is the last picture of the old hair on record. Notice its lack of style, its complete ease of wearing due its casualness. It is boring. It is plain.

It is gone.

I was smart enough to take a picture last night after I got home from the 3 hour cut-color-highlighting marathon since it will never look this good again. Well, not until I go in for my 6 week trim, anyway. I have to go out today for all sorts of HMHS gadgets and gizmos to make it look this good.

But, I love it. It is very new and modern. And different. All good.

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Blogger Beverly said...

Fabu haircut!! Makes me want to do something exciting with my mop.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous lorinda said...

OMG! Great haircut. And love the Happy Juice!

10:18 PM  

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