Monday, October 08, 2007


we ended up losing Daisy.
She passed on September 12th, after five days of battling and a lot of pain on her part and ours as we struggled with when to let her go. In the end, the vet did a necropsy and said that she had massive liver failure due to fatty liver syndrome. This happens when an overweight cat suddenly (for whatever reason) stops eating and becomes anorexic instead. The liver tries to process all of the body fat, and becomes overwhelmed and then, just stops. She was so far gone, that she wouldn't have ever made a full recovery and most likely wouldn't have made it much longer, so we decided to let her go. It was a difficult decision to make, with a lot of crying, but in the end, I know we did the right thing for Daisy and she is at peace now. We had her cremated, and are planning a service for her next weekend with the boys. They want to write poems, and things like that.

School is back in session...and life is crazy once again. I like my classes this year, the kids seem great: eager, interested, and curious. Hopefully, it will be another good year. Today we are off for Columbus Day, so that makes for a short week. I spent the better part of the day grading papers, and still am not close to done. I am a moron for giving a test and assigning an essay to be due all on the same day.

I have been knitting, although not as much as I'd like. I am almost finished with Michelle's baby sweater. She may not get the matching hat at this point! I want to get started on my next project, a sweater for my husband.
Cobblestone Pullover by Jared Flood from the Fall Interweave Knits
It will take a while...that is a lot of stockinette stitch for his size! And I am lusting after socks...I need a pair, I want a pair. I started a pair out of yarn I bought on clearance that is just not inspiring me. I need something else. Stay tuned...they may be my Rhinebeck knitting!

Oh, close.

Our team is in the playoffs! So I've been watching a lot of baseball. Living in NY--you'd think I'd love the Yankees, but I don't. In fact, I usually pull for whoever is playing against them. There is something about the team...not the individual players necessarily (although Doug Mientkiewicz looks like a serial killer with that long greasy hair...ewww), but the ownership...I don't know. And sometimes, the fans can be lacking in class. They boo their own team! So fair-weather-ish...and they feel so entitled to win all the time.

So, anyways...hopefully tonight is the night and the tribe and my darling Grady Sizemore will spank them and send them crying home to their mommies!

Grady, the object of my old-lady-crush. I mean, seriously. I could be his much older sister.


Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

Oh Jaimi, I am so sorry for your loss. I honestly take the loss of pets harder than the loss of people.

Glad to hear that your school is going well. I LOVE my new school and the school year is going fabulously! I'm so excited!

Also, the Soaring Eagles Project is back up and going, you'll have to check it out! ((HUGS))

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