Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yes...we call it...The Rooster...

Today I finally got some real writing done. On the computer even, which means less typing later, yippee! Thirteen pages, three hours. I consider that a full day's work. This makes my husband laugh...but he doesn't understand how wringing it is. How is sucks the life right out of you.

Kind of like chasing an 18 month old tyrant around.

It's official. The Bug is going through a stage. We have entered the "I Must Protest Mommy's Authority By Resistance At All Costs" stage. I remember this one from the two older boys, but this child seems to be just a tad more willful than his brothers. The first time it happens in the day is funny. He will do something naughty, while looking at my reaction over his shoulder. I will get a frowning look of complete disapproval on my face and sternly say, "No!". He will smile and continue doing it. Until I go over and physically pick him up and remove him from the temptation. Then, the minute I turn my back...guess where he is? So I rearrange my face again in the Evil Mommy visage and say no, louder this time and accompany it with a disapproving finger shaken in his direction. He will smile and continue doing it. I repeat the no and the finger shake. He then does something that I have never seen before, maybe this is typical Bug behavior in the wild? He arches his back and pushes his little belly out and grunts and screams with anger.

We call it the Rooster.

It was so funny the first, say, fifty times it happened. Now, it just drives me ballistic. Today, he was playing with the buttons on the television when we started the dance. When he did the Rooster, I picked him up and carried him to the couch. Well, I should say attempted to pick him up because he also utilizes that age-old toddler tactic that my mother and I call Spaghetti Arms. You know that one...where they virtually dislocate their shoulders so when you try to haul them up to their feet (which is just as impossible due to the sister tactic of Spaghetti Legs) you feel like you are about to pull the little arms off? He kept screaming and kicking and acting, well, like a baby. Finally, I snapped and I raised my voice and said, "Mommy is boss, NOT YOU!!" at which point he started sobbing and clung to me with that other tactic they use that make you feel like complete and utter shit that you have just yelled at your child for being a child and yet, they still love you completely and look to you for comfort. At which point I started crying too, with shame and the beauty of unconditional love.

It was quite a morning. Now, he has been napping for 3 hours, sleeping it off. I took it out on the keyboard. When he gets up, I will kiss his chubby feet and snarfle his little neck bones and all will be forgiven by us both. Damn, parenting--it's a roller coaster!

Still working on the feather and fan scarf. I want to start a stole or a scarf for myself for the fall. I am always cold and throwing on a cardigan or a sweatshirt, but perhaps something a little more elegant would be nice. I'm considering buying the yarn from KnitPicks. I seem to hear good things about it, and you just cannot beat the price. I just have to decide on a pattern, and a colorway and I'll be off.

I figure I'll have it done...oh, about the time one of the Boys experiences his child doing the Rooster for the very first time.


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