Sunday, August 13, 2006

Clapotis and Mrs. Sizemore

The very first thing I do when I have a long pattern with lots of rows and lots of repeats of said rows is a little trick I learned from Amy. I put each row on a separate 3x5" index card (being careful to mark each section carefully and put a note on each card in the section so that if your common household variety two year old comes by and decides to have a "rain" of cards, you can put them back in order...don't ask how I learned this lesson).

This card trick does two things: one, it helps keep track of which row you are on as you shuffle through the cards; and two, it reduces the chances that you will accidentally look at the wrong line in your pattern and screw things up royally. So, last night, I carded out Clapotis:

That is a lot of cards, you can't see very well from this photo
...but it is A LOT of cards!

I also made some quick and plain stitch markers for the project because you need 18 of those little suckers! I opened up a large-ish jump ring, stuffed a small little glass bead on there, and closed it back up.

Voila! Stitch markers. 18 of them.

After one false start, I was tired after all from the not sleeping bit, this is how much I got done last night while watching the Tribe game on our super-de-dooper Extra Innings on cable and indulging in my "really-this-should-be-embarrassing-but-I-seem-to-have-no-shame" Old Lady crush on Grady Sizemore.

It's not like I'm old enough to be his mother or anything. I mean, I was only 12 when he was born! [This is supposed to take away some of the ickiness of the age difference--but it is glaringly unsuccessful!] And, it's not as if I am going to go out and get me a t-shirt that says this or anything:

Well...never say never.

They apparently come in a pink version at the team store. And you know, I love me some pink stuff. At the very least I would like a jersey with his name and number on it. [A navy blue one, honey, if you are reading would be a great Christmas present! Unless you can find the pink Mrs. Sizemore wouldn't be jealous, would you? I mean, I understand your little crushes on (the "yummy" I believe you called her?) Angelina Jolie and the older version, non-husband stealing, Kristy Swanson, don't I?]

...sigh...Grady Sizemore...


The only thing keeping me from stalkerdom is about 496.1 miles

and 12 years

and one husband

and three children

and, well, self-respect really.

I'm thinking that only True Stalker Types would know the exact mileage to Jacob's Field from her house.

There might be a restraining order in my future.

**Fine print...the exact magnitude of my OLC (old lady crush) on Grady might have been exaggerated just a little bit for dramatic effect and to make my husband just a little bit jealous and to keep him on his toes, because, hey, I had a dream last night that I met Grady Sizemore and he didn't seem to think 12 years was that big a deal. I don't look 36 after all!**


Blogger pacalaga said...

I am told that if you purl the stitches you're going to drop, it's easy to do the pattern without all the stitch markers. I have yet to do it myself, though I have the yarn waiting. Anyway, in the comments on this post Peg explains how to do it.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

So good you have your system in knitting! Me, in the other hand - totally without one!

5:09 AM  

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