Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Feet

Happy nine year old feet...I swear, his feet grew in between the two is smaller than the other, and I measured them to each of his feet as I knit them! They were only about three days apart! No wonder he complains of growing pains so often!
The completed pair:


This is what nine year olds do to amuse themselves and their step-fathers when they are bored.

Don't ask. They were clean and relatively new. What a relief, right?

The Bug has a new fixation:

Funshine Bear--remember these guys from the '80s?

He saw a Care Bear movie on the Disney Channel this morning and it is all he is talking about. He calls this one "sunshine belly". I told him tomorrow that we could go to "RGT" (this is what he calls Target) and see if we could find a stuffed one. I told his father about it...but left out the fact that when I looked it up on the ToysRUs website that I had to look under "Girls' Favorites" !!!

Speaking of RGT...I was there yesterday and dropped $110.00 on just school supplies for the two big boys! Remember the good old days when the schools actually could afford to supply crayons and pencils and pens?? As a teacher, I spend so much of my own money on classroom supplies that it isn't even funny because the school's just really can't afford it all. The $250 federal tax deduction I get to take doesn't even begin to cover it all.

Note to teachers...RGT has Papermate pens (blue and black) for 50 cents/ten-pack. And notebook paper for the same price/250 sheets. I'll have to get some when I go back tomorrow. The kids never have paper and pens for English class. Doesn't that blow your mind? I mean, its English...there is a pretty decent chance we'll be writing something every day!

I would chalk it up to the poor socio-economic status of most of my students...but the truth is, the middle-class kids don't come prepared either! It must be a teenage thing.

I've tried a borrowing system where they have to give me a shoe (hard to leave without a shoe) if they borrow a pen. Smelly teenage feet put an end to that brilliant idea! Then, I tried to sell them pens to teach them responsibility (25 cents a pen). That lasted until the first time a student said, "Mrs. F, I can give you a quarter, but it's my lunch money (reduced lunch price at my school). Since that day, I just give them away. And keep a cup of quarters in my desk for lunch money. I make it known that I always have lunch money if they need it in case they "forget"to bring it. I have at least one taker a day because they trust me and know that I don't expect it back.

I have regulars who "borrow".

The things we take for granted as relatively financially stable people amazes me every day.

It's humbling and sad.


Blogger pacalaga said...

Wow, seems like you and some other teachers might go in together and buy in bulk, if that would help. Maybe Costco? I dunno, my Bug is only 11 months old, so it will be a while before I have to worry about pens and crayons.
Re: what ho? - we used to sing the yo ho ho and a bottle of rum song and laugh and laugh that we were calling each other hos. Oh my, I'd forgotten.

12:15 PM  
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