Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Missing in Action

I have been...my running shoes are, or else I'd be on the treadmill in the basement at this very moment as no fewer than three people asked me today if I was pregnant. I was wearing one of those blouse-y empire waist sundresses.

Not pregnant. Just fat apparently.

So, I was going to run tonight since we have a treadmill now...but my running shoes are nowhere to be found.

So, instead, my blog reaps the benefit as I have a few moments to myself for once.

This new house is gorgeous, but big, and it takes a lot of my time to keep up with the cleaning, etc...but I am officially done with work tomorrow for the summer, so my time (free, knitting, and blogging) should all increase exponentially. Yeah!

What is new since last I blogged?
  • I am magic. My car had an issue. Okay, so I missed the end of the driveway trying to back in and ended up bottoming out in a ditch. The trunk release would no longer work. I was sure I had ripped out the cable. It was two days and then I just laid hands on the car and the next time I tried it...I have no idea why I tried it...it popped open. Bow down before the magic. Go ahead, I know you want to. Then, as if that wasn't enough...the jets on the jacuzzi tub got stuck. Nothing would turn them off. I thought about it. Took a deep breath to become One With the Universe, and tried again. And, well you can guess.

  • I am magic.

  • Patrick is getting off of his steroids for his kidney disease...but he fractured his elbow skateboarding. When it rains...right? He is excited to be going into 9th grade in September as we have a very small school and there is only one English teacher for the whole 9th grade--and that, dears, would be me. Won't that be interesting?? Apparently, his friends all said, "Wow, Pat, you sure are lucky, you'll get an A for sure!" To which, my very wise and practical son replied, "Apparently you don't actually know my mother...I'll be lucky if I get a C!" He usually gets a high B.

  • Campbell, the three year old Bug, has turned into a Tyrannical Despot. He is very strong birth control. I don't recommend it for the faint of heart. The hour before bedtime is the worst...but I have a new friend that sees me through. I call it "The Happy Juice". Just one, most evenings...lest you think I am a lush.

The cosmo solution

  • Connor, my ten year old, has a girlfriend. I asked what that means exactly, and was told that it means she is his girlfriend. Alrighty then. She calls him a zillion times a day. My mother wouldn't let me call boys, she said only "fast" girls did that. How fast can a ten year old girl be? Wait, don't answer that...good thing he ain't goin' nowhere unsupervised.

  • My dining room set was delivered, so we can actually eat like a real family all together. The old house was so microscopic, that we couldn't even fit a table in to eat at. It was tv trays in the living room and the boys in their bedroom at a card table. This?

This is much better.

  • I have been knitting a bit here and there.

  • Clapotis, she is a-growin'. Let's just ignore the completely wonky part on the side that looks like an ear where I fucked up and then got it back on track somehow (more spontaneous healing, I am telling you...I am magic).

  • I see you trying to peek...you can't see it. It is at the top, on the chair side, tucked under so it doesn't look so deformed. Does everyone make these mistakes and they just don't point them out, or admit to them? Maybe I should try that. Although I am impressed that I haven't frogged back all six inches to make it perfect. I'm working on my issues with needing perfection.

  • Now if I could just use the magic to find my running shoes.