Monday, February 16, 2009


Every so often, one just really needs to regroup. 

I can always tell when I need to re-group knitting-wise when I stop knitting.  When I don't even feel the desire to knit, which is really unheard of, and cause for alarm for me.  Knitting is my sanity, knitting is how I relax, and create, and quiet the voices in my head.  So for me to not knit is not a good thing.  Writing is the same.  Running is the same.  For the past two, maybe even three months, I haven't been doing much knitting, some writing (mostly unproductive) and absolutely no running.  Today is the day that all of that changes.  

Today I cleaned out my knitting bag and did what I had to do.  Ruthlessly.  I put some projects into a long-term state of waiting.  They are going into the basket, and will be redeemed later this summer in time to finish them up for next Fall.

 I still love the Elizabeth Bennet Cable Cardigan.  Love it.  Want it.  

Don't want to keep knitting it right now, a sleeve and a half short of done.  Just don't.

I won't get it finished in time to wear it much this winter anyway, so why press onward when really? the not wanting to knit on it is keeping me from knitting at all?  Off needles and onto scrap yarn it goes, and into the basket with you, Liz...see you in September.

The Back to School U-Neck vest?  Ditto.  I'll see you in time for next school year, but not right now.

Monkey socks?  One down and the cuff of one started...they can stay, I had to order a new circular needle to finish the second sock, the one I have (Addi Turbo Lace) although lovely, has a cord that is much too long for this project and keeps kinking up, leading me to swear and curse it as I straighten it out over the tea kettle yet again.  So, they are on a break until the new Harmony wood circular comes from KnitPicks.  It should be here today or tomorrow.

The wool for Campbell's winter hat and mittens?  I mean, it's almost the end of winter.  Who am I kidding?  And we finally found his warm, toasty, and waterproof L L Bean mitts that fit from last year.  Maybe his red and blue coat will still fit next year?  And if not, well, red and blue are pretty universal.

I think what it is, is that I am feeling Spring coming...and the winter knitting that was supposed to be done by now, has become an anchor, a dread, a chore, something that I am supposed to get finished, had planned on finishing long before this point, and now is just a drag.

And so, my knitting bag is down to just one (it had been two of them) beside my chair and the basket in the closet is a bit fuller, but now I can cast on for something else, not really new as I've knit one before, something I want to knit for Spring, and that feels better.

Writing?  Well, it's a process and I have to do some work on that.  It isn't as easy as reorganizing a bag, how I wish it were.

Running?  I probably need to unfold the treadmill to fix that problem.  I think I'll do that next.