Thursday, July 28, 2005

Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

Well, today I did something I have never, ever done before. Not in 30-some-odd-years. Something that totally made me feel like an independent woman of the New Millenium.

I moved my own freakin' lawn!

My husband is out of town for two weeks and the grass was really long. We looked like the white trash house on the street. He has never let me mow the lawn because he is very traditional and says that work outside is his job...although he is progressive enough to do housework and change diapers...I can't quite reconcile the two, but Whatever. Anyway, I got the mower out, got it started and went to work. About an hour and a half, and about 56 gallons of sweat later, I was done and the lawn looks soooo much better.

I am woman, hear me mow...

The downside is that I haven't gotten any writing done yet and it is mid-afternoon and time to start thinking of the 5 piles of laundry I need to do, and dinner. That means writing must happen this evening. Which means not much knitting tonight.

The Feather and Fan scarf is turning out unbelievably gorgeous. I am making it terribly, impractically long, so it is taking me awhile. Plus, I am a god-awful slow knitter. I keep thinking that I will get faster, but it doesn't seem to happen. Good thing I am a process knitter and not a project knitter, or I'd be seriously frustrated.

My mother is coming to visit this weekend with my youngest sister Taylor, who just so happens to be the same age as my oldest son. Yes, it was weird, but we were pregnant at the same time. The kids are actually only 9 days apart. Big Boy #1 is older. We are going to hang out, and go visit some family members. It should be nice, I hope she won't mind if I knit in the evenings.


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