Monday, April 17, 2006

Still waiting...

The knitpicks yarn will be here any day now...and I am ready to go. Maybe tomorrow. The mailman already came through for the day, and no packages for me. Oh well...tomorrow is another day, right Scarlett?

Anyway, we are off this week from school for our Spring Break. That is nice. The weather is beautiful, a bit cool today, but sunny and that is all good by me.

I have actually been working from home since Friday. I put in for a curriculum development project and am getting paid to work on it from home. Just 20 hours worth of work, no big deal, but they are paying me $34/hour to work at home, on the clock, in my jammies. Sounds good to me...this will be my summer yarn money.

The bad thing about being a teacher is not getting a paycheck for the two months of July and August. You can elect to have money taken out each pay period and get it all in a lump sum at the end of June, but I never remember to apply in time, and so, I live off my own savings and the tax refund (hello! this year we got beaucoup de bucks back for some reason), but I am sitting on it to pay for all my trips to the yarn shop all of my summer bills).

Hey, guess what is for dinner tonight? [Attention Deficit Much?]

Yup, same as most Christians will be eating tonight...leftover ham! Yummy. Mashed potatoes. More Yum. And lastly, my infamous broccoli/cauliflower and Velveeta casserole. Tres, tres yum!!

Happy leftovers everyone!


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