Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oh, the Carnage!

So, today I got home late from work. We had a horribly stressful faculty meeting, but I digress. I came home late, Le Bug and all of his Terrible Two behaviors in tow, and I immediately hear Cooper, the Brainless Wonder, our neurotic chocolate lab, barking in the house.

Not ever a good sign.

I get to the back door, and said bundle of chocolate neuroses is jumping up and down higher than the window in the back door.

"Oh, Cooper must have to pee really badly because I am a half an hour late today," I innocently thought to myself and immediately opened the door. He hustled out as fast as he could, knocked over said Bug, and promptly got into his crate which is on the enclosed back porch, and cowered.

Not ever a good sign.

I slowly opened the door the rest of the way, grabbed Le Bug in my arms and set him inside on the kitchen floor and noticed that the cats, Tiger and Daisy were M.I.A.

Not ever a good sign.

I proceeded into the livingroom--all of about two and a half steps considering our house is microscopic--and that is when I saw it...

The yarn carnage.

And that is also when the swearing and screaming began. Me swearing, and okay, me screaming too. At some point in the day, the cats had raided my brand new knitting bag...

it is FINE, you can breathe now!...

and they had pawed out my current WIP, a recycled sari silk scarf.

May the WIP, well, may it RIP.

This next part is NOT for the faint of heart:

It was all pulled out and all over the floor. It was wet with dog slobber. It was horrible. It was so distressing that I didn't even have the strength to take a photo of it. All I could think of was to pick it up as quickly as I could. Like when your two year old falls down a bunch of stairs (stone ones, last week at daycare) and is laying at the bottom crying, and you KNOW you shouldn't pick him up until you are sure he doesn't have a horrible neck or spinal injury, but you do anyways, because, well, YOU JUST DO.

Same concept, only with yarn.

The dog is in the dog house. And so are the freakin' cats.

(Yes, Amy, in case you are wondering, the wiffle ball bat did come out, although I couldn't catch him because he was too fast!)


Anonymous Amy said...

I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read the last statement!! We might need a new monitor! I'm so sorry to hear about the yarn carnage. We will have to plan a trip to replace some!

11:23 AM  

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