Saturday, April 01, 2006

Quack! Quack!

We got back so late last night from our Honor Society field trip to Boston, that I can't seem to feel alert today. I am getting old, man. I went to bed at around 11:30 and woke up at 7:00, and feel like I haven't slept in days! It didn't help that I have had a bad stomach bug with cramps and poopy issues.

The field trip was really nice. Thank God! It was a pain to plan, kept running into one issue after another, but all in all, it pulled together at the end and it was good. First we got lost, of course, I think this is de rigeur when you are from a relatively small urban area and go to the big city (any big city). You have to have your chartered bus driver get lost to keep you humble. Oh! And so the kids will ask their fearless leader (that would be me) "Mrs. F? Haven't we driven by this weird homeless guy like forty-five times already? Are we lost??!!" Ummm, no my babies....just sight-seeing. Did he just stand up and pee into the street, almost hitting the bus' wheels? Indeed, he did. The cameras were out and snapping. All I can do is hope that they had the flashes on and only got a nice glare off of the window!

We got to the Museum of Science an hour late, but they held our show time for us for the Star Wars Exhibit, which was much appreciated. And the lady who checked us all in told me in confidence that "you aren't hungry for hamburgers at the Food Court." WINK. WINK. Gotcha lady I don't burgers.

Of course, two boys had to order them anyways...just to spite me. Apparently, they weren't as bad as school cafeteria food, so it was all good to them.

We checked out the museum, and loved the Star Wars exhibit:

This thing is called a Waamba or something similarly crazy, if I remember correctly, and let's face it, I was sick and cranky and with 34 kids. I might not remember anything at all!

then went outside to get on one of these:

Le Duck Boat. (La Duck Boat? isn't French anyways, is it?) This was a blast. At first I was leary because our driver was...oh, damn I wish I had thought to snap his picture!...was dressed as a----


This is NOT an every day occurence, let me assure you all. Even the cynical children (8th-10th graders) didn't quite know what to make of him. He had the boots, and the silk sashes, and the tight leggings, and the ruffley shirt. The earring! Everything but the hat. His name was Captain Kidding. He was a great tour guide. He kept them quiet and interested and most importantly, HE LET THEM DRIVE THE FREAKIN' BOAT! Once we got out on the Charles River, he let them take the wheel and gave them really cheesey Pirate Tatoos! The loved it. Apparently, you are never too old for a cheesey Pirate Tatoo because one of my co-workers asked for one as well. But anyways...

Then we rode the T (subway) down to Quincy Market. Do NOT ever pronounce this correctly in Boston or else people will deliberately pretend not to understand. It is apparently pronounced "QuinZy" and the rest of the world has not received the memo. The subway conductor gave us bad advice and we got lost again. Lost in the subway system in a strange city with 34 children and some very pushy street vendors.

I may have sworn in front of the children at least once...oops!

Finally, we made it to where we needed to be and ran around QuinZy Market for an hour buying snacks and souvenirs. I bought my husband these at Exotic Flowers right there in the shadow of Faneuil Hall.

Don't adjust your monitor, they are in fact, BLUE! I am quite obviously a country bumpkin not well-aware that roses can be sprayed blue. Aren't they pretty? He liked them alot.

Well, I am off to find some Black Out Plush for the sheepy blanket, the first place I tried to order it was out of stock.

And then, a nap.


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What a fun trip, well at least for a field trip. I'm not really big on field trips myself, but still it looked like a grand time.

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