Friday, March 24, 2006

Sock Suckage

I have deliberately not posted about my first attempt at sock knitting due to how imperfect said attempt was. I am such a perfectionist and cannot stand how this turned out. I know, I know...the learning curve, blah, blah, blah...but it is NOT good. This sock will probably be forever mateless and just stand for eternity as a testament to The Horror Which Was My First Attempt at Suckage Sock Knitting.

Without further ado, here it is, "The Sock What That Sucks":

I purposely didn't overexpose the photo so as not to horrify you with, well, the HORROR!! [Okay, and also to avoid documenting the freakishness of the Suckage]. However, I do have a close-up of the first heel I turned, which turned out very well. Indeed, it might be the solitary saving grace of "The Sock What That Sucks". (If you look very closely, you will see the HORROR of the split stiches that are riddled throughout the stockinette, making it look all loopy and such). Oh, the shame of that stockinette. How long have I been knitting now? Really? You would think I would know by now to turn on the light so I can see what it is I am doing. You would think.

I purposely picked up extra stitches along the gusset to avoid any holes--MISSION ACCOMPLISHED--there, at least! Now if I can just figure out why the bottom of "The Sock What That Sucks" is so wonky, misshapen, and so, well, horribly WRONG in so many ways:


No clue...really, none. I mean, what is that shit? Twisted stitches? Crossed over stitches that slipped off and got floopy when I put them back on the needles? Seriously...I have no clue. I have never seen this type of design element glaringly wonky stockinette before. Not even when I first started knitting. I am clueless.

Maybe I fell asleep? Maybe I just suck still at knitting sometimes? Who knows?! And yes, indeed, I do also have amateurish ladders running up the sides from where I went from needle to needle, even though I pulled the first few stitches of each needles very tightly as was recommended to me on lots of websites.

I got 2 circs today...will that method help? Who knows?

This is the face of a Bug who doesn't seem to notice that his mommy is a Sucky Sock Knitter.

My current project(s)?

Still working on the recycled sari silk garter stitch scarf. About one third of the way done on that. I also started a huge black wool rectangle of black wool. Why, you ask? To make my own felted needle roll for my crazy needles. This one is for my up will be for my circs.

Speaking of there a 12 Step Program for Addi Turbo addiction? I found a great Ebay seller (from HOLLAND of all freakin' places) who sells them cheaper than I can get them at my LYS (including s&h!) and she includes a little Dutch chocolate in each order! Does it get any better than that??!! Chocolate and Addis? In one package?

Umm, noooo...

Her Ebay store is called Astrid's Dutch Obsessions...Check her out. She's the best pusher supplier ever.


Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

No it is not that "sucky", it's just your 1st sock. I knit 3 "1st" socks and never completed a mate because I was so horrified. It's just like the 1st time you knit a scarf and it looked horrid (or at least mine did). It'll work out better the next time! (((HUGS))

P.S. THanks for the Addi tip, I already have mine on the way!

11:03 PM  

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