Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rebel Sheep

Tonight I ordered the yarn for Colleen's Sheep Dreams baby blanket. I am substituting Plymouth Encore (a wool/acrylic blend) for the Lamb's Pride Superwash. I couldn't find a color in the Lamb's Pride that was what I had in mind for the background. Not to mention it was almost $10 a skein!! So I went with the washable, more affordable, Plymouth Encore in color #054...a very shamrocky green. It just makes sense to me to make a green blanket so it looks like the little sheepies are grazing on a green, green meadow. (Seriously, when is the last time you saw RED grass?)Perfect for Colleen's little one, whether it's a blue or pink variety (and it will be a surprise until the big day). I am hoping, too, it will remind her of her trip to Ireland with her Dad a few years ago. I also purchased the Crema color of the Berroco Plush to duplicate stitch the little sheepies on afterwards, and I got a ball of Plush in Black Out to make one little rebel "black sheep" in the corner of the blankie. Marc will appreciate that! It fits in with his rock'n'roll aesthetic (he's a guitarist in a local funk band). Not to mention how ridiculously cute that idea is...I freakin' ROCK!

On a completely random rant note: I wish the phrase "baby bump" would realize that its 15 minutes of fame is so over, and slink off silently to wherever it is tired old phrases slink off to die a slow, agonizingly painful death.


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