Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

So says Tom Petty, and, sadly, so says I.

The KnitPicks yarn is taking forever to get here...well, okay 4 days, but still...I am impatient. I need to know if it is right, or else keep looking for something else. So, I wait...


I am not knitting much of anything right now. I am fixated on casting on for the Sheep Dreams blanket, and can't bring myself to work on much else. I am in some sort of a knitting slump. Dunno. Weird. I've been knitting up sample squares from my past Yarn of the Months club. [BTW Amy: I am still getting them, did you know that? You can cancel if you want, and I'll sign up myself...I don't want to be a yarn mooch! I keep forgetting to tell you, so here. : ) ]

In other, life, news...Today is BB#2's 9th birthday. He was my easy child...three hours of labor, start to finish, no drugs, no stitches, great nurser, slept all night right away---just easy.

How times have changed!

We took his two best friends bowling for his party.

Yes, the one is picking his nose...BB#2 is in navy, BB#1 is in green.

This picture pretty much (although blurry) sums it up. Crazy, hyper, bordering on naughty. Two friends may have been one too many. Next year, one friend. Even BB#1 got involved in the scrapping, wrestling, and all-around zaniness. Apparently being an almost-teenager doesn't make you immune to crazy.

There was only one angel:

and that only lasted for about an hour, before disintegrating into something that looked more like this:

This captures the insolence, the haughtiness, the Terrible Two behavior perfectly. (He wanted to VROOM his trucks down the lanes at the bowling alley...and didn't want to take "No" for an answer.

I need a drink...

or maybe many.


Blogger Adelle said...

Hey there!

I have to get that Sheep Dreams pattern... can you tell me where you got it from?


adellel at gmail dot com

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