Thursday, July 28, 2005

Recently Finished and WIPs

This is the infamous Feather and Fan scarf...this photo captures the color perfectly, and I was IS the color of this font! I absolutely love this color. I have no idea what to call it. Seafoam?
This the Irish Hiking Scarf. I was an unofficial member of the knitalong. I really love this yarn. It was incredibly cheap (TLC Lustre). You can't tell from the photo that it does, indeed have a pearly lustre. It knit up very thick and cushy. Whoever gets this for Christmas is a lucky, lucky person.
This is the Berroco Softy scarf. It is a basic, garter stitch. It is such a lovely yarn, true to its name it is very soft and silky. It is so nubbly that there was no point in using any other stitch because you wouldn't be able to see it anyways. This photo does not do the color justice. It is called Purple Passion and isn't as blue-ish as this photo makes it look. See color swatch here. I want to get some Softy in the colorway Kiss for a scarf for myself.

The Feather and Fan
scarf up closer...


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