Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I turned my back to The Bug for just a moment last night and sure enough he fell of the couch where he was tormenting--I mean, loving--the cat and fell face first into the coffee table. So today, he is sporting a huge shiner that is the lovely colorway: Black and Blue and Green.

I figure the first trip out to the grocery store will result in Child Protective Services being called on me. At least I did their job for them and took a photo for evidence.

Even though he doesn't look happy in the picture, he really doesn't seem to even notice the bruise. He hated icing it last night when it first happened. Have you ever tried to pin a twisty, screaming, 18 month old on your lap (all alone, with no spouse still, and his two BBs (big brothers) away with their dad) while you put an ice pack on his "ow-ie" for 20 minutes? I really should have gotten a medal for that.

This morning when I took this picture, it was horribly swollen still, but as he got around today, the swelling went down a lot. I'm hoping it looks much better by the weekend when we go to my in-laws so that they don't think I beat my child! Actually, I sent out an email to everyone I know today with this picture attached so everyone could see how horrific it is, so they won't be surprised. My MIL even sent me an email telling me not to feel guilty because when my SIL was a toddler she had to call Poison Control so often that the operator recognized her voice! Sure she was exaggerating, but I appreciate the effort to make me feel less guilty. And my good friend, Sharon, told me that her pediatrician told her that if your child doesn't fall at least three feet in his/her first two years then you are being over-protective! I had to laugh...probably true, but it doesn't assuage the guilt, you know?

I waited to post until late tonight so I could put up pictures of the Drop Stitch Scarf that I finished up tonight while watching "Dog: The Bounty Hunter" on A&E. That show is so cool...I'm getting addicted. Anyways, the scarf was knit on US 15s, not 13s like I had originally planned. Mostly because I had a brand new pair of Brittany Birch 15s that I hadn't been able to use yet and wanted to. The yarn is Lana Grossa Lux in the very unimaginatively named colorway #5. They should have named it "Shiner"! It perfectly matches all the pretty colors on my Bug's pretty little face. [How old can he be and still be called pretty by his mommy, btw?] The yarn actually reminds me of the colors of the dragon flies that live around here...ooohh! that would have been a perfect name too! But #5? Please, a little imagination people, come on...

Anyways, here are some pics:

This is a bit blurry because it is so up close. I wanted to try to capture the colors, but this really washed them out and they are much darker and more rich and vivid than this...although this does show the metallic nature of the yarn.

This picture is a little closer to the true colors. It is a funky little ribbon yarn, mostly solid, not very ladder-like, and it has wool nubblies on it every so often that give it a little bit more texture and body than a plain ribbon yarn. I bought it at my one of my local yarn stores and it was a bit expensive ($12 for a 77yd ball and I bought and used 2), but worth every penny.

Up next?? I think I am going to use the Araucania Nature Wool I bought for a felted purse, and have since frogged, to make a Hello Yarn Besotted Scarf. I have the Araucania in shade #10. It has such subtle variegation that I love it. It is really great yarn. I got it in black as part of my Yarn of the Month package a couple of months ago and just had to get me some more.

I am determined to bust out my stash as Christmas scarves, hats, and shawls...and I am, so far, doing so well, that I may give myself permission to buy some new yarn when we are in Cleveland, if I can find a nice little yarn shop out there.

Oh, and Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy--My husband got the job! Way to go Baby...


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