Friday, July 29, 2005

Almost finished...

The Feather and Fan scarf is just about done...just a little bit longer and I'll be happy. It is quite narrow and so I want it to be extra long so you can wrap it around your neck more than once and still have long dangly ends. It is really quite pretty. Dressy. I think if it were mine I would wear it all day, not just with my coat when I went outside in the cold. I haven't decided yet who to give it to. At first I thought maybe my MIL, but the color isn't really her color. Now I am thinking of making it a gift for the Bug's babysitter/Daytime Mommy. She is really wonderful, not just to the Bug Boy, but to our whole family. I think she would really like it alot. That and a nice gift certificate would be a great gift.

I think I will make a lot more of these though, they knit up surprisingly quickly and look like they took forever. Maybe one in a nice bright red for my MIL. She has dark hair and and olive complexion (Italian) so she definitely looks great in primary colors.

I still can't decide on what type of knitting project to make for my mother. She is coming for a visit this weekend, so I think I'll feel her out for what she would like.

My husband is doing well in Seattle. Hanging out with my brother and an old friend. They are going to a baseball game on Sunday afternoon. He'll enjoy that. The Mariners are playing the Cleveland Indians and since he is the biggest Cleveland Anything Fan (he was born there and his folks are still there) I know he will have the best time. I wish I had gone out there with him, last night the Mariners had a Knit-In Night...knitting and yarn display, spinning exhibitions and they encourage KIP. That would have been a great date night. His team, my knitting, a couple beers, stadium hotdogs...Ahhhh. It would have been terriffic.

He comes home a week from tomorrow. It is going by very slowly...


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