Monday, August 01, 2005


The first Feather and Fan scarf is done. I say the first, because it turned out so wonderfully that I am certain I will be making more for Christmas gifts and I just have to have one for myself too. I know I said I was going to make it ridiculously long, but I ended up with just long. It is about 72". I started thinking about it and realized that just because I am tall and would want to wrap it around my neck a few times and let the ends still dangle down to my knees, that my more height-challenged friends and family might not be so inclined. So, I cut it a bit short.

Up next is a drop stitch scarf for my friend Amy who re-taught me to knit for her birthday. I am knitting it on US 13s, out of Lana Grossa Lux Yarn in colorway #5. It is a ribbon yarn that also has some wooly slubs on it. It is 40% wool and 60% microfiber. I bought it at my LYS awhile ago and haven't been sure who I wanted to make it up for. Amy is a perfect choice. After this scarf, I think I will finish the Debbie Bliss baby sweater and then try some hats.

Only five more days until my husband comes home and then we are off to Ohio for a week to visit his family. I have missed him a lot this past two weeks. Although we did have a bit of a tiff yesterday. It probably is mostly me being an insecure little baby...but he was meeting a friend for a baseball game and he was on the phone with me. His friend pulled up, he told me that he'd call me back in 5 minutes, and then didn't call me for 6 hours. Which left me feeling really annoyed, then angry, then just mind-blindingly pissed. Which I wasn't shy about telling him, when I finally called him and gave him an earful. He doesn't remember telling me he'd call back in 5 minutes and so he doesn't feel he did anything wrong.

Very convenient.

Today I am still annoyed, but not as pissed. He has apologized, but mostly because he doesn't like it when I am mad at him and not because he feels he was wrong. Which could get me worked back up to pissed really quick if I let it. Instead, I am practicing the art of letting things go. Today is the day he should find out whether or not he got the new job he interviewed for 6 weeks ago. Yep, you read that right...6 weeks of waiting on the stupid Human Resources Department at Lockheed Martin to look into whatever it is they have to look into. The friend of his who got him the interview told him weeks ago that his boss wanted to hire him, and the boss even called and said they would be sending him an offer letter...but 6 weeks later...nothing.

So he's been calling the little HR chickee every day to keep her on top of it. (I am sure she loves this). And this morning she told him she'd have the word for him this afternoon after she heard back from this one person she swears she has been waiting on all along. At this point, neither of us is feeling as confident as we did earlier. I guess we just have to wait for the official word and hope for the best. Keep your fingers crossed.


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