Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Knitting From My Sick Bed

Visual proof that knitting has indeed gone on...

I was on my sick bed all weekend with the most horrible pain I've felt since the birth of Le Bug eighteen months ago. Being stubborn, I insisted that drinking five gallons of cranberry juice a day and forcing, gagging, down an entire can of cranberry sauce would cure what I thought was just a urinary tract infection. When the pee turns red and clumpy though, you can't hide anymore and must face your worst possible fear.

The ER.

I hate doctors, and I especially hate the ER. It always seems that when I go, there is some sort of white trash, redneck domestic drama going on in the waiting room and this was not an exception. As much as it can be mildly entertaining, this time I just found it incredibly sad and depressing. Luckily when you have red pee, they get you right in without a lot of sitting around.

Diagnosis? An acute kidney infection. When your pee is red and clumpy you bet your ass something ACUTE is going on! The helpful doctor prescribed some really strong antibiotics and after a double dose yesterday to get things going, today, I feel much less like I want to spend my time curled up in the fetal position on the living room floor while an 18 month old rules the roost. (We are still home alone for the week, so I had no help).

But, while sitting on a heating pad and running to the bathroom every two minutes for absolutely nothing, I did get some progress made on this:

This is the baby cardigan with seed stitch bands from this awesome book:

Don't you just love the picture of that baby on the cover? What an angel! The sweater is pretty simple, not a lot of shaping--just simple increases and decreases. I have the back and both fronts done and am started on a sleeve. It is knit on US 3s for the body and US 2s for the seed stitch bands. It is supposed to be knit in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, but I am stash busting, so this is being knit in Bernat Baby Softee in white. I would love to make it again in the cashmerino...maybe when DH and I go for baby number 4 next year. This one is for friends who are expecting in the fall. I am a little nervous about knitting the seed stitch bands around the neckline. It involves picking up and knitting, which I have not done before and seems like a daunting task, but somehow I will figure it out.


Blogger Rachel said...

Oh I want that book so bad!!! That cardigan is going to be gorgeous in white!!

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