Friday, August 05, 2005

Talk Dirty To Me

Tomorrow is the day my husband gets back from his two weeks of reserve time in Seattle. It's been an interesting two weeks. Sure, we've been apart before for, for this long before, but the way different time zones this time was killer. I've actually missed him a lot more than I would care to admit to anyone, even myself. I was raised by a (basically) single mother who never seemed to need a man in her life, so to really need someone like I need him is a frightening proposition. But, it is all over tomorrow...he leaves Seattle at 7am their time and will fly straight to Washington, DC (Dulles, actually) and then catch a flight up to Albany, arriving here around 6:30 our time. I am sure tomorrow evening will be spend eating good take-out, spending some time with the Bug (Big Brothers 1 & 2 are with their dad until Sunday), and then going to bed early. What can I say?? I mean, it's been 14 days people! And conversations on cell phones only do so much, know what I mean?? (Like the title of the post didn't make you you go...TMI!)

Sunday we have to pack and run around doing errands and then Monday morning, early, load up the three real-live boys and the neurotic Cooper the WonderDog (it's a wonder he has survived my wrath this long!) who truly and honestly believes [as all Labrador Retrievers do] that he, too, is a real-live, people boy, and we are off like a herd of turtles to Cleveland. It is about 8 hours with stops for pee and poo and lunch. All I can say is, buying a freakin' minivan with the VCR built in was the smartest thing we've ever done.

Except maybe getting married and having the Bug...

Aww, I've gotten all sappy and sentimental...time to go.


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