Saturday, September 10, 2005

Busy Week

Well, this was my first week back at school. Tuesday was just for faculty and staff and then the children came on Wednesday. Tuesday was difficult, being in the building without my friend Toni for the first time, seeing a new teacher in her room, going to a faculty meeting and not having her there with her pointed commentary and frankness. There were a few moments that I got weepy, and they hit me at strange times, but somehow I made it through. Wednesday was just too hectic to really think about anything much at all. I also found out what caused Toni's sudden tragic death. A brain aneurysm. Not very comforting to hear for someone like me who suffers from headaches on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. It just goes to show...every day is really a gift.

I say this every year on the first weekend, but I really like my classes this year. The kids seem nice and as well behaved as I could rationally expect. Give them a bit, and I'll be eating those words. They are ninth graders mostly (I also have one section of English 11) and so they are dramatic and hormonal and cranky, and basically, different every single day. It keeps you on your toes, that is for sure! By November, I am certain I will strongly dislike at least one of them, and if it weren't terribly mean and rude, not to mention a legal issue, I would even predict which one...yes, he has a name. No, I will not publish it here... : )

I haven't been knitting much this week, for obvious reasons. (Who knew my feet could be so tired??) But I know a post with no pictures is boring, so here you go:

This is my latest stash-busting scarf. It is knit in Bernat Satin yarn in the colorway Banana. It is a checkerboard pattern of five knits then five purls for five rows, then you switch and do the opposite for the next five rows. It's mindless and goes fast, both of which are good for me right now. It does lead to sloppy side edges, although mine are usually sloppy anyways (any ideas or tips for me to neaten them up would be greatly appreciated by the way). I plan to do a crochet border all around the edges when I am done to hide the slovenly edges. I think I might give this one to my mother...she loves yellow.

I escaped by myself today to Borders to look at knitting books and came away with three new ones:

The brand new Wrap Style by Pam Allen--the sequel to Scarf Style. I have to say, it's every bit as good, I love it. I also got one called Knit Baby Blankets! which is edited by Gwen Steege.

It is sooo cute and I can't wait to knit almost all of the blankets in there at some point in the next few years...they have a gorgeous one that is a pond with lily pads and froggies and everything! I also got Zen and the Art of Knitting by Bernadette Murphy.

I love the Knit Lit series of books, and this one seems similar. (By the way, Knit Lit the Third comes out on September 27, 2005. I have already pre-ordered!) I was actually wanting to get 50 Baby Booties to Knit by Zoe Mellor, but they didn't have one. I will have to keep looking.

Well, tonight is the Big Game in our house...Ohio State vs. University of Texas. My DH is a huge Buckeyes fan, so we will be glued to the TV. Well, he will...I'll be making more checkerboards...


Blogger Janey said...

I've heard that slipping the beginning edge stitch of each row makes for a smoother edging, instead of either knitting or purling it.

Happy knitting (with your feet up)!

9:24 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

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6:14 PM  

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