Sunday, February 12, 2006

And the Games are Under Way...

This is the progress I have made the last two evenings and a bit of the afternoon Saturday.
This is the back of my Cables in Chamonix sweater from The Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics. I am almost up to the arm shaping. I am knitting the size Medium, and because I like my sweaters just a little bit on the longish side, I am adding about an inch and half to the body length. It is going well, no complications yet...the shaping seems relatively straightforward, but we'll see when I actually get there.

The Olympic opening ceremonies were unbelievable! I was sitting there with my mouth open, catching flies, through most of it. Wow! They seem to get more incredible every time. Even the boys were spellbound, and since the ceremonies weren't sponsored by Nintendo, that is saying something!

We were supposed to get that huge Nor'easter, but it seems to have veered off and missed us, it is just dusty swirly snow outside. The boys are disappointed, they were hoping for some real snow and maybe even a snow day tomorrow if it was bad enough. I'll save the snow day actually, we only have this week to get through, and then school is closed for a week for Mid-Winter's Break. for more knitting. I have to stretch a bit first...the tendon that runs down the side of my left forearm is grumpy lately.

Happy Knitting! Go Team USA!


Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

Wow, lots of progress made, you'll totally be done by the 26th! I hope I'm as quick as you as some point! LOL. Happy Knitting! GO USA!

9:38 PM  

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