Monday, January 02, 2006

A Brand New Year

The very last of the holiday knitting...a garter stitch scarf for one of my friends at work who surprised me before our vacation with a holiday gift. I hate being surprised when I have nothing to give in return, so I spent the past week, in between every single one of my family members having the flu, knitting her a scarf. She had been admiring all of the young ladies at school who are wearing the new "it" color combination of pink and brown, so I focused on those two colors, although, it seemed a bit much for me, so I mixed in some cream to lighten it up a bit.

Now, the new knitting can begin. I have some yummy new pink homespun and hand-dyed wool that my excellent friend/knitting compadre Amy gave me for Christmas. I think I am going to make a cabled hat and cabled wrist warmers out of it. And, I will be trying out the Magic Loop for socks finally too.

And then, it might be just about time to start the holiday knitting for next year already...dontcha think?


Anonymous Sandra said...

Scarf does look good. Hope your coworker will admire herself now (and your knitting, ofcourse!)

6:24 AM  

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