Sunday, November 13, 2005

Crazy Hat

Well, here it husband's crazy ski hat.

It is 46" long from cast on edge to the tip of the tassel. It was knit on 16" Addis US 10.5 and bamboo dpns in the same size. It is knit out of Patons Classic Wool in two shades of gray and one of red. It knit up fairly quickly, except the dpn part. I need more practice with dpns...I am so clumsy and slow and they just all flop around and fall out of the stitches. It is a complete and total mess. Not pretty to watch at all!

I would show you what is now on my needles, except I just realized as I went to snap a photo of it, that it is all sorts of jacked up. Apparently, despite my best intentions...I must have twisted somewhere along the 224 stitches when I joined now I have a very interesting spirally thingy...not at all what I want or need. So, it will be being frogged and re-cast on this afternoon. This is what happens while you are trying to knit and watch a movie at the same time!

Note to self...I am not that good yet!


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