Sunday, October 23, 2005

Something New

I don't know why...but I haven't gotten much knitting done this week. Well, actually, I do know. Work has been crazy busy, and I had a two day conference this week on Thursday and Friday. But...I know a post with no photos is boring, so here are some of something a bit different for me. My first attempt at beading...making my own lampwork bead stitch markers:

You can't really see the beads well in this photo. The one in the center is different so it can mark the beginning of a round while the others mark the pattern. The pouch I knit up in about 20 minutes out of scraps of some cashmere yarn I had laying around.

I made a little drawstring out of a chiffon ribbon threaded through the stockinette stitches with a small safety pin. Voila! Pretty and pink (my favorite) and homemade.

Now I just have to actually knit something in the round, so I can use them!!

One last picture of the cutest Bug around being mischievous in the bathroom yesterday. He has discovered the supreme joy to be had by splashing in the toilet bowl up to his elbows! Hard to get really angry at that face though!! Look at those eyes!


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