Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Little Boy Blue

Well, here it first attempt at designing my own knitted garment. A teeny, tiny little boy's first sweater. It is stockinette and feather and fan stitches, with a garter stitch collar. It opens assymetrically in the front, mostly because I couldn't figure out (being such a new knitter) how to divide the pattern up midway through. It is cute being different though, I like it. It ties closed with a ribbon at the neckline instead of buttons.

I was so happy with how it turned out, that I decided to be even braver and try something I had never made before, much less designed myself.

It's a itsy bitsy baby bonnet. The feather and fan stitch makes such a pretty scalloped edge on the front and sides of the bonnet...It's really lovely.

Both of these pieces are knit from Bernat Baby Softee in the Baby Denim color which is such a nice rich shade of blue, not that typical baby blue color associated with little baby boys. It's more of a cornflower color. This yarn is a sport weight acrylic, but it is so incredibly soft and most importantly...WASHABLE! I know my friend Erin's little man will look handsome in it.

The sweater is knit on US #6s and the hat on US #9s...both Clover Bamboo needles (I adore bamboo needles!)


Blogger Aprilynne said...

That is gorgeous! You are doing great for a relative newbie - not unlike myself =)

I designed a sweater, too, but it's already in my archive

9:25 PM  

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