Friday, October 14, 2005

And the Rain continues...

Literally and figuratively...

It has been raining here in upstate NY for way too is like, the 8th day of constant drizzle and cloudy skies. This can do things to your emotional health, people...not good.

Tuesday in the wee hours of the dawn, I got up with Bug and on my way back into my bedroom, in the complete dark so I wouldn't wake up either of the Big Brothers or DH, I slammed my left foot into the door frame of our bedroom door. It hurt like a MF...but I got in bed and went, eventually, back to sleep. When I got up a couple of hours later for work, it was swollen to about twice its normal size and was an interesting colorway of blues, yellows and black. least one, possibly two, broken toes, and maybe even broken bones on the top of my foot as well. I hobbled to work on it (can you say stubborn?) for two days, but yesterday, I just couldn't stomach the idea of wearing a shoe on it, so I stayed home and sat around all day. Today is Friday, so I will hobble in today, but I plan on wearing slides so I can go shoeless most of the time when I am in my own classrooom.

Rhinebeck this weekend?? We were planning on going tomorrow. Now, I am not so sure. It will depend on how the weather is. The weather man says its supposed to stop raining by early morning...but he is often a bold-faced lying sack of shit, so we'll just see about that. The toe? If I can sit a bunch today and this evening to rest it up a bit...maybe it will be okay for tomorrow. I'll have the two and change hour drive down from Albany to rest, too. And that might be okay.

I want to go!

I even knit a scarf to wear, just for the occasion...

It is such pretty colors, isn't it?? It is a yarn I wouldn't ordinarily buy...Sensations yard from Joann's. But it is a nice wool blend and the colors just floored me. They are so "me".

Will I get to wear it draped gorgeously around my neck tomorrow...all 120" of it? (Yes, it is that long...I am tall and I wanted it crazily long.)

We will have to wait and see...


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