Friday, December 02, 2005


OK..not really sure what to blog about, and don't have any good pictures. Not that there hasn't been knitting, there has, but it just seems like not that big a deal for some reason lately.

I am home sick for the second time this week. Some sort of nasty stomach/intestinal bug type thing that one of the 124 students in my class every day has graciously passed on to me like an evil internet meme or something. I was out on Wednesday, went in yesterday, and then way.

I know I should be happy, I mean, this makes a three-day weekend and all, but instead, I am not. I seem to get sick so much lately, I am beginning to realize that perhaps it is a sign that I am not taking good enough care of myself. Not enough relaxation. Not enough selfishness.

Of course, I realize that some of that is impossible when you have a toddler around. As well as an almost teeenager and an 8 year old who just sprang it on you that he has a...girlfriend? OMG! Shhh...that last bit of juiciness is supposed to be top secret information, but he doesn't read this, and you can keep a secret, can't you?

Something is missing. (Or maybe I am just channeling John Mayer? BTW: his new Blues CD John Mayer Trio "Try"=the best thing in my CD player at the moment! Love it!)

Dunno. Life has been stressful, waiting for my DH to get a new job (He just heard, he starts on January 9th). But now that he has it...why the blues? I struggle with the winter months. I really do. I just can't handle the dreariness. I think I will go knit another hat. Pictures to come...promise.


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