Saturday, December 10, 2005

Holiday Knitting Continues

Well, I have been mostly knitting for the holidays still. Scarves, lots of scarves, some have been wrapped already, but this is the one currently on the needles:

It is another Feather and Fan lace pattern scarf. This one made of Caron Wintuk in lavender. I don't usually care for 100% acrylics but this color is beautiful and this particular yarn knits up beautifully with great body and stitch definition, plus my sister will be able to wash it if my neice gets it dirty (she's almost 3, so washable is a must!).

Yesterday we had our first Snow Day of the was nice and relaxing and I got most of what you see here done while watching the Food Network. It's nice to have a three day weekend. I have one next week as well, as I am taking a personal day to get some Christmas shopping done without having to drag three boys around. That will be refreshing!


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