Monday, January 16, 2006


There they are...the completed pair. I have to say, I have worn them every day this week to work and not just my students, but also a fair number of my say, "hipper", colleagues find them as funky as I do. I might even knit a couple pair up for Holiday gifts for next year. Hmm...

I had enough yarn leftover for more fun. So I made a matching headband, ear-warmer type thing:

My husband, Alan, was impressed with my cabling abilities. It was cute actually. He turned it over and over in his hands and kept saying, "How did you DO this?" as if it were a mystery of the universe. He is going for his Nuclear Engineering Degree and works in a (Shh!) very secretive, nuclear-power type thingy, so Fiber Arts, are indeed a mystery to him. But, I love him anyway because he lets me buy myself things like these, and doesn't take it as an accusation that he hasn't bought me any in ages:
They are very similar to ones I carried in my bouquet on our wedding day...See?: really can't, I guess, but take my word for it. They were very similar. These are more yellow and mine were Peace roses, but close enough to make me happy just looking at them!


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