Sunday, January 08, 2006

Half of a Whole

Well, this is what I've been working first project of the New Year. They are cabled wristwarmers. My hands are always cold, but I often need to use my fingers and end up holding my gloves in my teeth while I use my fingers and then putting them back on. This should solve the problem! The pattern is from here, with slight modifications. I changed the 1x1 ribbing that it called for to a 2x2. I also picked up 18 stitches around the hole left for the thumb and knit a thumb gusset in 2x2 rib for six rows, then on the seventh, did a k2tog all around, and finally, bound off on the eighth row. The next time I make a pair, I will also add a 2x2 ribbing on the arm end of the warmer to make it a little tighter there. Just five or six rows worth, I think will do it.

The yarn was a holiday gift from my awesome friend Amy who knows that "pink is my signature color" (Steel Magnolias, anyone?) It is home-spun and hand-dyed. It was called Raspberry and is an awesome wool. It has the most vivid little flecks of red and purple in it. I love it! I will finish the other one, and then make either a matching hat or cabled ear-warmer type of headband. Thanks Amy!


Anonymous Sandra said...

I am planning to knit fingerless gloves for some 3-4 months now, but something always comes between me and my gloves. Maybe next months will have more luck!

3:54 AM  
Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

Very cool! LOVE the color. You should try to make a cabeled panta to go with it, however you'd have to make the pattern!

7:07 PM  

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