Sunday, January 22, 2006

Moment of Truth

So...I've been knitting this for awhile now:

Clueless? How about this finished shot?

Yup, its going to be a felted bag, at least--that is my intention. I am a bit nervous about the cream colored stripe at the top. I know that pale colors, especially whites and creams, don't always felt well due to their bleaching process. This is knit in Paton's Classic Natural Merino, and I've heard from friends that the brand felts very nicely, but I am worried about the color. I did knit up a swatch and hand-felted it in the sink, and it felted up, so I am hopeful. The pink is more of the homespun, hand-dyed that I received as a holiday gift from my friend Amy.

I've got my fingers crossed that it will work!


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