Friday, February 17, 2006

Day 7: Progress Report...ahem...

Today is the Bug's birthday. He is two. That powder blue blur is his "bee" (blankie). It goes everywhere with us. Last weekend, we lost it at the mall. We discovered it just as we got out to the parking lot. Daddy (aka "The Rookie") was too cranky to go back to the mall and retrace our steps to find it. Mommy (aka "The Pro-after-all-I've-done-this-twice-before") just smiled knowingly and said, "Okay", as he packed the "bee"-less Bug into the car seat.

People...we live about 20 minutes from the mall where the blankie was lost.

The screaming for the "bee" began about one nanosecond after we slammed the mini-van's sliding door.

Needless to say, Daddy pulled into the nearest Tar-jhay (Target, for those of you who don't spraken de Frenchie), and ran in to see if they had a new one. Now, you all, I bought the original "bee" when the Bug was still a fetus. TWO years ago! But, lo' and behold, they had one, exactly the same...and now, what you see above is a much happier Bug, playing shy on his precious little birthday. Today is low-key--tomorrow Grandma comes and we have CAKE!! Chocolate cake.

And now, to the real, subject at hand. Ahem...

My (lack of) progress on my Olympics knitting. I just cast on for the front last night and got about one pattern repeat done (10 rows). It hit me today that the Olympics are half over tomorrow. It would stand to reason that our projects should be half-way completed, right?

Well, duh...but unless I am actually making a sleeveless turtleneck shell...then, mine is more like one quarter done.

Must time to blog.


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