Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 6...aka, Is it time for me to go back to work, yet?

Family vacations...

I remember my mother getting all annoyed and irate during the ones from my childhood, so I suppose I shouldn't be any different.

It isn't that bad, really. I mean, a root canal is bad. A migraine is bad.

Boys separated from their natural habitat, is not really bad so much as it is annoying. I have a lot of them complaining that they are bored, etc...apparently there is only so much Xbox 360 two boys can play in a day.

To combat the boredom...there is the pool...
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But that isn't really relaxing for Mom when she has to deal with this:
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A crazy Bug type child that has NO FEAR of the water and will launch himself into it over and over, completely trusting someone, anyone, to catch him.

There are outside distractions undertaken when Dad is around to help navigate.
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This is the USS Wisconsin, we went and toured her on Sunday. It was nice, the boys really enjoyed it, especially my 36 year old.
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There was also a trip to a LYS yesterday, The Knitting Corner, where I bought my souvenirs:
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Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the amethyst Stripe colourway,

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Plymouth Sockotta yarn in a cool muted lavender, plum, grey, and teal colourway, all so creatively name #26.

Sense a trend in the knitting-ness?

In knitting progress, I give you:
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which became...
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Sock number one for The Bug.

He loves it, and I am already afraid it will not fit when cold weather comes, I may make the second one a little bigger and try to squeeze a third out of the leftover yarn.

This yarn was bought ages ago at The Periwinkle Sheep, my LYS. It is Fortissima Colori Sock yarn in the Mexico Denim #9096 colourway. Knit on Brittany size 2 dpns...the toothpicks we bought, Amy.

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The ever growing Clapotis. You can see the twisted stitches where the unraveling of the ladders will ultimately take place. Cool, huh?


A trip to the mall around the corner. Hopefully the maid will come while we are out so the Bug can have a nap when we get home. And, I have to cast on for the second Bug sock right away, or else it risks never getting done. And then? Maybe working on the Clap for a bit...I've been neglecting it in my sock frenzy.


Blogger Emma said...

Vacations are always better than the humdrumminess of regular life, right?

Love the new sock yarn, and I think your Clapotis is going to be great!

11:33 AM  

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