Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Weekend in Photos

One hat for Rachel's Soaring Eagles Project. It ended up kind of, um, large. Hopefully, there are some kids with serious brains at her school who need a big hat with a funky tassel.
The mailman brought me these on Saturday. The magazine is good...the book (Modern Classics by Louisa Harding) is wonderful. For once, a book with practical patterns! I want to make one of almost everything, and that hardly ever happens. I ordered it from Crafters' Choice. They have a sneak peek (last time I looked anyways!) on their main page which I have linked here. Do look. It's a great book.
Well, it finally happened...a co-worker who knows I knit asked me to work my magic on a treasured sweater. This was her favorite sweater and she's had it since 7th grade. She hasn't been able to wear it for years.

No pressure.

It was an easy fix though, it was two dropped stitches, I just used a crochet hook to reknit them up and then fastened them off on the back side with some embroidery floss. Easy.

Almost done with the lace panel on the Simple Knitted Bodice. Ignore the ugly waste yarn stitch markers. The lace pattern is pretty and easy to memorize, but I am seriously considering knitting plain sleeves. I think it will look just as pretty, and be faster too.
New birthday sock for Amy. I was right, the Lorna's wants to be simple socks. Look how pretty.

Connor had his first sleep-over last night with the boy across the street. The boy saw me knitting and said, "Cool! My Nana knits and she taught me how to crochet!" Connor's eyes lit up because he has been nervous about his buddy finding out about his knitting and thinking it was silly (read--less than masculine). So after that, he went in his room and pulled out his knitting bag and they were quiet for over an hour. They finally emerged with a crochet chain about 15 feet long. They spent the entire evening working on that chain, trying to make a World Record chain, until they googled and found out the world record is 38 miles!

Who knew?

An X-box, computer, DVD player and toys galore in that room and they were mesmerized by a $1.49 skein of Red Heart yarn from great-grandma's stash and a $0.99 plastic crochet hook!


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