Sunday, October 29, 2006


The lighting today is weird...this is much more pink than the actual yarn, which is a deep, dark, ruby red. The blue yarn you see is waste yarn to hold the sleeves, and to mark out the lace pattern repeats so I don't mess things up. They have worked, for the most part. Apparently not even waste yarn markers can help me when I am tired and have a migraine.

Today, I am going to cast on for some charity knitting. Rachel is trying to get hats and headbands for her students at her school, with her Soaring Eagles Project. If you have the time, and the stash yarn, please help her out!

And lastly, a Bug in Lightyear clothing...

The middle boy (in the background) is going to be some sort of hellish ghoul type thing. I will take pictures on Tuesday so you can see. It's his first year as a gross, scary thing. Apparently, he is growing up...

And I didn't get the memo.


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