Monday, September 04, 2006

The Deed is Done

Chalk it up to the time...almost midnight.

Or the fact that I was just harshly awakened from a deep sleep by a little Bug screaming, "Mommy!" at the top of his lungs.

(He wanted his blanket that had fallen out of his crib).

Or the fact that my husband left this evening to go back to Virginia and I am a bit sad.

Or that tomorrow, today?, is my first day back at work in, like, 10 weeks. For those of you who aren't teachers--you know how you feel tonight after a long weekend? Multiple by ten and you might be close.

Whatever moment of weakness you want to chalk it up to...I am soon to be the proud owner of enough Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple to make the Simple Knitted Bodice. Thanks to Discount Yarn Sale who had, well, a SALE, on the Tilli yarn--$21.42/skein instead of their regular #25.20/skein and $28/skein most places online.

I'd figure out how much I saved on the 6 skeins I ordered (to be on the safe side...the pattern said 5 but it was close on yardage), but to be wouldn't make me feel any better, and every time I calculate the cost of the fabulousness, it makes me feel a bit nauseous and light-headed.

I ransomed my children for the Ruby Wine colorway (see previous post, I am too shell-shocked to link to a new picture) because everyone seemed to agree on that. Including my husband who pointed out that I can wear pink under that color red more easily than the American Beauty colorway. Does he know me or what??

If I like the yarn, later, I may buy just one little skein for a scarf for the winter.


I think I need to recover for a while from this first.

Oh, yeah, and I ordered the needles I needed for the thing too. KnitPicks options. I got the individual tips and cords to try them out (relax, honey I didn't buy the whole set!). They are so ridiculously affordable that I almost didn't feel guilty buying them hot on the heels of the yarn.

I said almost, people, almost.

**Thanks, Al...I'm not sure I do deserve this...but I am tired and weak.**


Blogger lorinda said...

You did it! Can't wait to see the finished product and how fabu you will look in it! Love the color choice.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Hubby said...

You do deserve it. You're the bestest wife ever.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

Ok ok, you are got wonderful yarn, you have a great husband, yada yada yada! LOL! Just kidding! I'm just jealous! How as the 1st week of school?

11:07 PM  

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