Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fourteen Down, Thirteen to Go

Okay, so my plan to catch up on 27 episodes of season two in time to watch the season three premiere of Grey's Anatomy tonight is a complete bust...this week was just too crazy with work and now I am sick.

Sick enough to not even knit much. Too sick to watch TV.


I may even call in to work tomorrow and take a day to rest and sleep and try to get better. After I drive the boys to school and drop the Bug off at daycare, that is.

I think it's just a nasty cold, but I have a fever and body aches too. Is it too early for the flu? I thought flu was more of a winter malady. As long as it isn't strep throat, I am happy. Strep is going around school. I have three kids in my classes out with it as we speak.

I will set up the DVR to tape Grey's and get to it when I can...hopefully before next week's episode so I can discuss it with everyone like a real human being and not some nerd who missed the first 36 episodes and is not catching up quickly enough.

In knitting...Carrie asked about the yarn. I don't even need to tell you what yarn she meant. You all know.

It is absolutely beautiful. So much prettier than the pictures show it to be. The luster of it is is so rich and deep. It also is subtly variegated and that makes the tonality even deeper and more decadent. The feel? So soft you wouldn't believe it. I could rub it against my cheek all day.

This is the beginnings of my swatch. Yes, a swatch. I am being good on this one! You can see from this picture what I mean about the variation in the coloring. So pretty...

I haven't found many knots in the skeins either, which is good. Others have found as many as six per skein. I have put knots in accidentally as I try to wind it up without a swift. You know the kind I mean, when you end up with a huge mess of yarn and can't find an end any longer so you have to make one?

That kind.

In Amy's birthday sock news :

I have this much done of the fist Jaywalker for Amy. There has been a few little issues...mostly due to forgetting where I am at in the super easy pattern. Total user error, not in any way the pattern's fault.

Also, knitting when you are tired and sick, and also sick and tired?

Not so good for progress.

I fixed most of the mistakes...there are a few that I will know are there and Amy will pretend she doesn't notice! Right, Amy?

Only 30 days until Rhinebeck...will Amy have new socks to wear??

I think so.


Blogger pacalaga said...

Man, everyone is sick. DH and the Bug have it, you have it, everyone in DH's family had it over the weekend... It's like the germs are stalking me.
That yarn is some good stuff. OH so good stuff. Yummmmmmmmm.

7:39 PM  
Blogger lorinda said...

Get well soon! Tilli looks fabu.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous amy said...

The socks are looking perfect already!!! And I won't spoil the surprise and tell you about the great episode of Grey's that I just watched.........

11:00 PM  

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